Woman doing yoga on a stand up paddle board

Toned And Strong Is The Predominant Theme For The Summer Shape Up In 2018.

Eating healthy, feeling strong, and fueling from the inside out is the quickest way to your BEST YOU!

I always say that to clients “you are what you eat.” This literally very true, in that your best body is achieved both in kitchen as well as in gym. Adding power packed healthy options into your diet is a key component of building your ideal shape for summer.

Tip 1:

Weights, Cardio, Protein, Power: All four of these things work hand in hand.

  • Adding wrist or ankle weights to cardio activity.
  • Increasing cardio activity in conjunction with sculpting & toning exercises help to increase the metabolic rate, and help the body burn calories more efficiently.
  • Increasing the intake to lean protein helps muscle function and build strength. Protein powers the body to build and strengthen.
  • Power- increasing the intensity of your work out STEADILY over time helps the body to gain greater overall health, rather than quick ballistic workouts that can lead to injury. (then you can't workout)

Tip 2:

Ditch the stationary equipment - HIT THE MAT & HIT THE FLOOR

I see a ton of clients with horrible hip, and low back injuries from increase use indoor stationary equipment over the winter months.
The body does no move perfectly parallel, however indoor cycle bikes, elliptical machines etc have a property called sheer force, which holds the equipment in place forcing the body to only work in 1 plane of motion. This causes pain and over time injury. It’s best to include cardio routines that use weight baring, free moving exercises allowing the body to move across all planes of motion with ease. Things like HIIT classes, Dance classes, barre classes are great options.

If you do have an injury, consider rehabbing by focusing on mat pilates exercises to regain strength while allowing the injury to heal. Always best to consult a physician in the incase persistent pain or ongoing problems.

Tip 3:


I particularly like to add Matcha and healthy bars to my clients diets as it helps them curve cravings and boost the metabolism. Matcha is a natural source of energy and caffeine. Regular use in the diet can actually speed up the metabolism by helping the body burn faster and more efficiently. It can replace coffee all together, and mixed with coconut milk is great non dairy latte option.

In addition RxBar’s are my new Paleo favorite, as it power packed with lots of protein and helps the body sustain energy for long periods of time. Don’t skip a meal, things like Rx Bar are a great supplement as you run from meeting to meeting or place to place. This helps the body burn efficiently and avoids high and low spikes in blood sugar.