Elements Barre Fitness

Developed by Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, this Lotte Berk inspired method fuses isometric exercises and interval training with ballet conditioning, and the principles of pilates core work and yoga stretches.  Considered by many to be the foundation of functional training, Elements Barre Fitness is a 60 minute strength building and toning class. This class utilizes a series of choreographed exercises linking ballet conditioning and the principles of muscle overload to increase the metabolic rate and melt away fat. After one class you will feel lighter, leaner, sculpted and toned! Barre Socks Are Required.

Available at: East Hampton NY

Staff: Andrea Fornarola Albee Rogers Nicole Calloway Keisha Saddler Christie Hoyt

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Elements Mat Pilates

Elements Mat Pilates is a mind body exercise that focuses on lengthening and strengthening your muscles through fluid movements and breath-work. It transforms your body from the inside out, dramatically strengthening your core while visibly leaning out and toning your core, arms and legs.

Available at: East Hampton NY

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