Elements Barre

Elements Barre is our signature Lotte Berk-based interval training class, developed, and trademarked by Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger. This 60-minute strengthening and toning class fuses isometric exercises, ballet conditioning, pilates core work, and yoga stretches to achieve toning and flexibility. Barre socks are required.

Available at: East Hampton NY

Staff: Andrea Fornarola Nicole Calloway

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Elements Barre Cardio

A higher intensity formula pairing our signature barre classes with none stop strenghtening and conditioning sequences. This class includes work on and off the barre and is more challenging than our open level barre class. Barre socks are required. 

Available at: East Hampton NY Elements Corporate Wellness

Staff: Nicole Calloway Andrea Fornarola

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Barre Stretch

Barre Stretch is 55 minute stretching and strengthening class focused on lengthening and stretching. Utilizing resistance bands and the barre we focus on elongating the major muscle groups and stretching the accessory/ stabilizing muscles to achieve a long and lean physique. This class pairs well with our signature and advanced barre formats. Socks are required. 


Available at: East Hampton NY

Staff: Andrea Fornarola

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For more information, rates or to book a Specialty Elements class email info@elementsfitnessstudio or call 631-604-5445

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