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Montauk, Here We Come!

On July 5th, join Andrea Hunsberger and Laura Sisco at the Surf Lodge for a special Cardio Barre Fusion class at 10 AM! The Surf Lodge, a sophisticated destination place that attracts those that are looking for the perfect relaxation location, is located at 183 Edgemere Street Montauk, NY. With our forces combined, we will assure that you have the most spectacular time of your life.


If you’ve been to our barre class, you know that our instructors work out every inch of your body in the most effective way possible.  Now imagine doing that workout with the most beautiful view, in the most pristine lodge.  This class will be opened to the public and it is complimentary for participants.  Those that are joining us are asked to bring athletic shoes and socks to this special event.  The Surf Lodge is famous for its majestic sunsets, and we want our clients to be able to experience this beauty.  For this reason, class will be held outside on July 5th. The Elements Team will provide yoga mats to all participants, as we see this fitting to the realm of catering to all of our clients.


We would love for each and every person that is interested in this event to have the opportunity to experience bringing the barre to Montauk, but space is limited for this event.  So make sure to make your reservation the second you hear of this event, because we can assure you, you DON’T want to miss out! You can reserve your space by emailing info@elementsfitnessstudio.com . The Elements Team cannot wait to sweat it out with you all! 

Posted: June 28, 2015 in: Blog

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