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  • Starting your day the right way is essential, so let's start with breakfast...

    Healthy eating is very much a part of the Elements ethos, so we'll be featuring some quick and nutritious recipes that you can easily introduce into your Elements lifestyle. Head on over to Well Plated and get the recipe HERE.

    Posted: March 1, 2018 in: Blog
  • PopUp At The 1 Hotel South Beach This New Years

    Posted: December 20, 2017 in: Blog
  • The Launch of Our Brand New App!

          We are so excited to announce the launch of our new offical Elements Fitness Studio App.  We have been working so hard to make it more efficient & easy for our clients to have full access to our studio and the creation of this app does exactly...

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  • 10 Can't Miss Events on the East End This Weekend

    It’s never too late to get started on that summer body. Elements Fitness Studio’s peak season kicks off with a weekend of fun events. 


    Posted: May 24, 2017 in: Blog
  • Have You Met Christie Hoyt?

    Having explored the world of health and fitness over the years, I have found a fitness routine that brings me back to my dance and gymnast conditioning days. From the very first class, I was hooked. Barre class has a amazing ability to strengthen and tone each major muscle...

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  • Social Media It Up!

    Hello lovely BARRE divas!  The Elements Fitness Team hopes that you’re having a fantastic day.

    This is just a friendly reminder that you can follow us on different social media platforms!  Stay updated with all our events classes, instructors,...

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  • Buy Now and Save for Summer!

    The Elements Team is bringing you a sale of the spring season!! Summer is quickly approaching, and everyone knows what that means! YOU want to be in the best shape of your life, and WE are here to help you!

    Ever wanted to take one of our excellent classes that...

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  • Breakfast Recipes for our BARRE Divas

    Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, BARRE divas, and the Elements Team is here to make sure that you get your health on!!  Mornings are always busy, but you HAVE to make sure to leave some time to start your morning off with a delicious and...

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  • 80s Music To Jam Out To

    The key to a successful workout class is not only in an awesome instructor, but most definitely in the tunes that are playing! 

    Get your groove on at the BARRE with a list of these ‘80s Smash Hits:

    Girls Just Want to Have Fun by...

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  • Pump Up the Jams

    We know the key to a good workout at the BARRE not only relies on a killer instructor, but it also relies on a fun and motivational playlist! 

    Here’s a list of songs that we know will get you moving and focused while you’re working out at our...

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  • Refinery Hotel

    New York City, get ready for us!  The Elements Fitness Team is heading your way!! Elements Fitness Studio will be taking The Refinery Hotel by storm this January!! Join us from January 4th-17th at one of NYC’s most luxurious hotels for...

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  • Instructor Profile: Jenna Raynell

    The Elements Team is beyond excited to announce our newest member of our team, Jenna Raynell!  We are having an awesome time with her at the BARRE, and we love hearing our clients’ positive responses to this lovely instructor!  Jenna has gotten to know the...

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  • Instructor Profile: Whitney Hesse

    This winter season, we’ve got a brand new, out of this world, instructor!  We recently welcomed Whitney Hesse to our Elements Fitness Team and we could not be more excited about this news!  She’s already rocking out at the BARRE, and we know you’re...

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  • We Love Athleta!

    We absolutely LOVE Athleta!  Their attire is absolutely wonderful!  Athleta’s workout gear is trendy, sporty, and comfortable!  The Elements Team is so happy to have had the opportunity to work together with this incredible company! 


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  • Annual Holiday Sale!

    Just because Black Friday is over, doesn’t mean that The Elements Team is done offering you the best holiday deals.  From now all the way through Christmas, the Elements Team will be having one of the best sales out there!!

    Start your holidays off...

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  • Say Yes to Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we know The Elements Team enjoyed every second of this holiday.  Turkey, green beans, and apple pie…yum, yum, yum! 

    Yes, we all know that Thanksgiving is a time to express how grateful you are for all...

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  • Pre- Holiday Detox and Cleanse Workshop

    The Elements Team is here to make sure that our clients stay in tip- top condition during the holidays.  For this reason, we have partnered with Embody Wellness for a Pre- Holiday Detox and Cleanse Workshop! Stephanie Rapp from Embody Wellness joined us for the day, and...

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  • Winter Wellness Day

    We could not thank Nude House enough for their amazing event on November 4th, 2015.  Winter Wellness Day was such a great success, filled with so many inspirational people, motivational tips, and some amazing samples. 

    To prep our minds...

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  • The Women Behind the Brand: Tanya- B!

    This weekend, the Elements Fitness family had the great opportunity to welcome Tanya-B to our studio!  This team is, honestly, one of the greatest teams out there!  What these women stand for, the products that they have in store, and the passion behind the team is...

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  • New Fall Incentives

    October is jam packed with events, discounts, and surprises at Elements Fitness Studio!  We just absolutely adore this time of the year, and that’s why we want to have the best offers for our wonderfully, fit clients. 

    For the month of October,...

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  • Spice Up Your Life with the Flavor of Pumpkin!

    It’s finally fall, and you know what that means! Love is in the air, sweater weather has finally arrived, and, most importantly, it’s pumpkin season!  Everywhere you turn, you know you’ll get a whiff of some delicious pumpkin.  The Elements Team is...

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  • Bringing the BARRE to Athleta SoHo

    The Elements Team has been planning an extra special event for our clients! We absolutely adore our East Hampton studio, but sometimes we feel like adding a special twist to our BARRE class! For that reason, we have decided to take the BARRE over to the city that never...

    Read Full Post Posted: September 27, 2015 in: Blog

    What is one of the best features of Elements Fitness Studio? It’s the wonderfully chic boutique that we have! Elements Fitness Boutique is filled with all of the latest and greatest fashion trends in the workout gear industry.  The Elements Team has meticulously...

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  • Stay Fit, Stay Chic, Use Fitbit

    Get fit, and stay stylish while doing it!  Ever wonder if you’re getting enough exercise throughout the day?  Well, the Elements Team is here to suggest a great product that will help you keep track of your personal fitness.

    You have got to get...

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  • Same Sky Trunk Show!

    We have had the great pleasure of having a trunk show with an amazing organization named Same Sky.  Francine LeFrak, founder of Same Sky, claims that this company has made her life better.  Not only is the jewelry absolutely stunning, but it is also for a...

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  • We Have Brought the BARRE to the BEACH

    This summer has been a summer filled with a lot of new and fun events and workouts so our clients can work on bettering their own, personal fitness! The Elements Team, alongside our clients, has taken our signature BARRE class and have brought it to the...

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  • BARRE Class at The Maidstone

    The Elements Team is so excited to announce that our BARRE class will be at The Maidstone.   On Saturday, August 22 at 11AM, join fitness guru Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger for our signature BARRE class at The Maidstone Garden. 



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  • Coconut Water: Beneficial for your Life

    We know that the best option to go to when we need something to satisfy our quench is water.  BUT what if you’re just over having water ALL of the time? Well, the Elements Fitness Team is here to provide you with an alternative drink choice that is just as...

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  • PRISMSPORT: Trunk Show Event

    The Elements Fitness Team can’t get enough of PRISMSPORT! PRISMSPORT is fun, flirty, and durable, which we absolutely ADORE! We love how the designers have methodically created a beautiful print pattern that can spice up your workout attire.

    PRISMSPORT says,...

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  • Instructor Profile: Keisha Saddler

    The Elements Fitness Team is always looking for ways on how to make our clients’ experience at the BARRE the best experience of their lives.  And it all starts with the instructor.  Without an instructor that is encouraging, high energy, or knowledgeable, your...

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  • Why We Love Vie Active Wear!

    Vie Active is definitely one of Element Fitness’s favorite brands for workout attire.  You can catch our instructors sporting their attire while they teach you the best moves at the BARRE.  It’s like their clothing was made and catered to our classes!...

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  • Eat More, Stress Less!

    Once stress hits you, you try to find anything to soothe that anxiety, and lots of people tend to soothe that stress with food! With that in mind, a lot of people that use food as a stress reliever are more likely to gain weight, causing even more stress to your system! But...

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  • SUP Paddle and Picnic Event!

             Thursday, July 30, join Elements Fitness Studio for our SUP Paddle Board and Picnic Event! Join the finest instructors in East Hamptons at 6pm for an outdoors event to challenge your body to experience one of the best workouts of your life....

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  • Instructor Profile: Heather Langham

    Heather is so excited to become part of the Elements Fitness Family. This Arizona native just completed her 6th season with The Rockettes, performing in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. She began dancing when she was just 2 years old at the family owned dance studio and...

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  • Montauk, Here We Come!

    On July 5th, join Andrea Hunsberger and Laura Sisco at the Surf Lodge for a special Cardio Barre Fusion class at 10 AM! The Surf Lodge, a sophisticated destination place that attracts those that are looking for the perfect relaxation location, is located at 183...

    Read Full Post Posted: June 28, 2015 in: Blog
  • Spend your Father's Day at Elements Fitness Studio!

    Mark your calendars because June 21st is Father’s Day, and it’s time to spoil all of those special men in your life! Sunday is about thanking all of the men that have helped you become the person that you are today, so you HAVE to make sure they feel...

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  • Tips for Healthy and Luscious Hair

    Your hair says a lot about who you are!  The Elements Team is here to give you the best tips on how to make sure your hair is in tip- top condition this summer.  Managing your hair has just become a lot easier!

     The number one question on people’s...

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  • The Secret to Getting a Good Night's Rest

    Ever wondered why your body feels exhausted in the middle of the day? You’re eating all the right foods and coming to every barre class at Elements Fitness Studio, but you still wonder why your body feels so drained! Well, the Elements Team is here to help answer your...

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  • Delicious BBQ Recipes for this Summer Season!!

    Summer is officially here! We can finally get rid of our heavy jackets and knitted scarves, and replace them with a chic bikini and a stylish hat to match.  Summer is the season to let loose, feel the sun on our skin, and enjoy a day out on the beach! Most importantly,...

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  • Get Patriotic at the Barre and Kickoff Summer at Elements Fitness Studio!

    Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner and the Elements Team is here bringing you the best fitness classes to start your summer right!  We have fabulous instructors teaching an array of classes, including: Barre, Dance Cardio, and Yin Yoga. In addition to these...

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  • Fit Tip, Eat To Look & Feel Your Best From The Inside Out

    Looking for delicious foods that, not only taste great, but also will have your skin looking fresh and healthy? Look no further because the Elements Team is here to help! Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is vital in helping maintain that natural glow that your skin...

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  • Instructor Profile: Stephanie Cain

    We have a whole new batch of fabulous instructors coming your way, and we are so excited to have them on our Elements Team! Stephanie Cain, originally from Kansas City, KS, is first on our new instructor profile for Elements Fitness Studio and she is so eager to be a part of...

    Read Full Post Posted: April 30, 2015 in: Blog
  • Bring Out Those Teacups

    Think that coffee is the only thing that can get you through the day? Think again! Studies show that tea is just as delicious, energizing, and healthy! Although there are health benefits to your cup of joe, tea is proven to be more beneficial for your body and for your skin....

    Read Full Post Posted: April 22, 2015 in: Blog
  • Leggings are Best for Barre Class

    Leggings have made an enormous turn around since their peak in 80s pop culture and fashion. Leggings now feel essential for workout classes, especially for the classes that are constantly in motion. You need the support and spandex in the leggings to allow your legs and hips...

    Read Full Post Posted: April 6, 2015 in: Blog
  • Why Yoga is Essential to Barre Class

    Yoga is one of the three components that make up a barre class, which is where yoga, pilates and ballet intertwine to create the ultimate, full body workout.

    Yoga is an essential part of barre class because it allows for the breath to coincide with all of the...

    Read Full Post Posted: March 23, 2015 in: Blog
  • Pass Up the Soda Fountain

    Many of us fall into the slump of drinking soda and juice. Numerous varieties of each are offered to us daily either in our work-spaces or when going out so how could we not? Soda and juice are easily accessible for us, and sometimes it feels as though we really need that...

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  • Lifestyle Tip: 5 Apps for Faster Fitness

    Fitness can be a detrimental word for some people, because keeping up with tracking one's progress and workout schedule takes almost as much time as actually working out and leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Thankfully, there are a multitude of applications out there free...

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  • Life Style Tip: Top 5 Skin Myths

    As young adults and adults, we're consistently being told through the media what to put on our skin because of aging, too much sun, and wrinkles. Many of these accusations are falsely advertised to convince you to buy a product, or multiple products in a skincare...

    Read Full Post Posted: March 9, 2015 in: Blog
  • Instructor Profile: Maria Malanga

    Maria Malanga is an instructor at Elements Fitness Studio originally from New Jersey. She is 24 years old, teaching group fitness classes at Elements Fitness Studio and Equinox in Manhattan, while also attending graduate school at New York University for a Master's in Dance...

    Read Full Post Posted: February 18, 2015 in: Blog
  • Instructor Profile: Katie Johannigman

    Katie Johannigman is the the newest Elements Fitness Studio instructor. She is 25 years old and from Cincinnati, Ohio. Johannigman began teaching at Elements Fitness Studio just two weeks ago and not only teaches barre classes, but also dance cardio and soon will be certified...

    Read Full Post Posted: February 17, 2015 in: Blog
  • Share The Gift Of Fitness With The One You Love

    L'amore is in the air...

    Bring your Valentine to Elements!

    Bring your Sweetie, Bestie or Valentine to class for FREE!

    Our special Valentines Day Weekend Classes

    SAT 2/14 @ 9:30am + 10:45am~ Barre Fitness
    SUN 2/15 @ 9:30am + 10:45am~Barre Fitness

    Please call 631-604-5445 for additional details.

    Posted: February 9, 2015 in: Blog
  • Keep Drinking Coffee

    Praise many people's inability to make it throughout most days without a good ole' cup of Joe.

    There is finally concrete evidence to give the coffee lovers of the world sanction to continue their romance.

    Registered dietitian Cynthia Sass, who is also a sports...

    Read Full Post Posted: January 29, 2015 in: Blog
  • Instructor Profile - Amy Hammond

    The next instructor profile for Elements Fitness Studio is Amy Hammond, who is originally from New York City and spends her summers in East Hampton.

    Hammond began teaching BARRE classes this past October at Elements Fitness Studio, and already finds teaching group...

    Read Full Post Posted: January 14, 2015 in: Blog
  • Instructor Spotlight - Laura Sisco

    A fitness studio is nothing without its fearless leaders-or as we call them fitness instructors. We'll profile one of our amazing instructors, Laura Sisco, so you can know a little bit more about her or simply get to know her better before taking one of her...

    Read Full Post Posted: December 19, 2014 in: Blog
  • Why We Wear Socks in Barre Class

    Whether it is teaching the people who attend Elements Fitness Studio, using barre-centered exercises in my private trainings, or taking barre classes from other instructors, instructing barre classes is a passion of mine.

    Much like the use of the Ballet shoe in a...

    Read Full Post Posted: December 12, 2014 in: Blog
  • Microwave Meltdown: Is Your Food Losing Nutrients?

    By: Marisa Malanga

    The microwave has been no stranger to convenient cooking. There is no doubt that microwaves have changed the pace of cooking for people across the globe, and with continual advances in technology, our lives seem to rely on fast paced...

    Read Full Post Posted: December 8, 2014 in: Blog
  • Go From The Barre To The Beach at Elements Fitness Studio, Now Open In East Hampton

    Elements Fitness Studio, which offers high-energy Barre Fitness, Dance Cardio and Cardio Boxing classes, is opening a boutique studio in East Hampton on May 1, 2014. The studio is the first of it’s kind in East Hampton and provides a sneak peek of the flagship Elements...

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