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  • Leggings are Best for Barre Class

    Leggings have made an enormous turn around since their peak in 80s pop culture and fashion. Leggings now feel essential for workout classes, especially for the classes that are constantly in motion. You need the support and spandex in the leggings to allow your legs and hips...

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  • Be apart of our culture! Elements Lifestyle Boutique

    Elements Fitness Studio, located on 66 Newtown Lane, Suite 11, East Hampton, is bringing a whole new look coming this summer! Well + Good calls it one of the top places to sweat in! We are bringing the barre back to the beach this summer with a Curated Retail Boutique and a...

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  • Bring Out Those Teacups

    Think that coffee is the only thing that can get you through the day? Think again! Studies show that tea is just as delicious, energizing, and healthy! Although there are health benefits to your cup of joe, tea is proven to be more beneficial for your body and for your skin....

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  • Instructor Profile: Stephanie Cain

    We have a whole new batch of fabulous instructors coming your way, and we are so excited to have them on our Elements Team! Stephanie Cain, originally from Kansas City, KS, is first on our new instructor profile for Elements Fitness Studio and she is so eager to be a part of...

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