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  • Life Style Tip: Top 5 Skin Myths

    As young adults and adults, we're consistently being told through the media what to put on our skin because of aging, too much sun, and wrinkles. Many of these accusations are falsely advertised to convince you to buy a product, or multiple products in a skincare...

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  • Lifestyle Tip: 5 Apps for Faster Fitness

    Fitness can be a detrimental word for some people, because keeping up with tracking one's progress and workout schedule takes almost as much time as actually working out and leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Thankfully, there are a multitude of applications out there free...

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  • Pass Up the Soda Fountain

    Many of us fall into the slump of drinking soda and juice. Numerous varieties of each are offered to us daily either in our work-spaces or when going out so how could we not? Soda and juice are easily accessible for us, and sometimes it feels as though we really need that...

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  • Why Yoga is Essential to Barre Class

    Yoga is one of the three components that make up a barre class, which is where yoga, pilates and ballet intertwine to create the ultimate, full body workout.

    Yoga is an essential part of barre class because it allows for the breath to coincide with all of the...

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