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  • KDHamptons Fitness: Elements Fitness Studio Brings A Barre, Ballet, Yoga & Pilates Combo To East Hampton

    Want to spice up your summer workout? Head over to Elements Fitness Studio in East Hampton to find unique series of signature classes that combine barre fitness, ballet conditioning, yoga poses, and pilates exercises.  Founder Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger (above) is a professionally trained dancer, celebrity trainer, and master fitness instructer.  She offers customized programs in pre/post natal fitness, corporate wellness and even bridal boot camps!

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    Posted: July 1, 2014 in: Press
  • Hamptons.com - Elements Fitness Studio Brings The Barre Method To East Hampton

    "It's a combination of yoga stretches, pilates mat exercises, and conditioning," noted Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, who recently opened Elements Fitness Studio. "It's a 60 minute class and works through all the main muscle groups and the accessories muscles."

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    Posted: July 2, 2014 in: Press
  • The Independant - Elements Fitness Brings Barre To The Beach

    "Be strong, sexy, and unstoppable," that's the motto for the all new Elements Fitness in East Hampton. It's certainly how I felt after leaving my first Elements Fitness Barre class last week.

    The day after my first Elements Fitness Barre class: legs hurt, arms sore, abs on fire but all in a "I've never felt better" kind of way. 

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    Posted: July 3, 2014 in: Press
  • Long Island Pulse - A Better BARRE

    Most fitness lovers are not strangers to the barre craze, but Elements Fitness Studio takes the movement in a new direction—by restricting it. Back in May, the studio opened in East Hampton, the first barre venue in that area. As their tagline says, it is now possible to go straight from the barre to the beach.

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    Posted: July 3, 2014 in: Press
  • Hamptons Magazine - Sweat It Out

    Shift your workout into high gear at these fitness meccas.

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    Posted: July 3, 2014 in: Press
  • Curbed - Ditch the Dimples with Elements Fitness!

    Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger recently opened a year-round Elements Fitness Studio at 66 Newtown Lane in East Hampton. Offering signature barre, hiit fusion, and dance cardio classes, Elements is all about digging into your accessory muscles. Andrea chatted with us about helping her clients ditch the dimples, proper form, and weight loss. Quite honestly, we can't help but love anybody who describes their workouts as, Jane Fonda meets Madonna, meets jumping jacks!

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    Posted: July 21, 2014 in: Press

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